What we do best

MH Packaging specialises in the manufacture of centre and bottom seal food grade bags.

With the latest machinery we can handle a variety of bag styles: Flat or gusseted with Euroslot and Punched Hole options. Gusseted bags have the added advantage of standing upright when they are filled giving added shelf appeal.

The primary material we convert is BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene) in 30 or 40 micron. Thicker metallised or clear laminated bags are options where a higher barrier is needed for Coffee, Spices, Muesli, etc.

We offer a wide range of stock size BOPP bags – from small bags which will fit a single rusk or 30g of nuts, up to larger bags which will fit 8 Portuguese Rolls or hold 1Kg of Biscuits. Our top quality packaging can be used to package any dry food product. Custom sizes are also available on request.

Using BOPP has many advantages for our customers, namely:

  • A very low moisture transmission rate than other packaging films, which improves the shelf life and retains crispness;
  • High clarity and gloss gives your product enhanced shelf appeal;
  • High tensile and sealibility strength – BOPP bags are made to last;
  • BOPP bags are recyclable;

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Baked Goods
Dried Fruit, Nuts and Snacks
Spice and Herbs
Coffee Bags